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Nagono shoes / NAGONO SHOES (Women's) vermilion

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In 2021, "Nagono shoes" produced here in Nagono was born.

Shoes born from this place, which has been called "Nagoya" and "Nagono" since ancient times in Nagoya.

I made it with the hope that I can contribute to the revitalization of the town in the Nagono area where our shop is located.

It is an adult leather slip-on that is handmade by craftsmen using domestic oil leather with the concept of "adult-friendly, luxurious and easy to wear" with a mixed manufacturing method of side stitching and stitch down.

The gentleman has a square design with a deep opening and a simple style that is easy to match with any style.
The lady has a shallow round design and the toe is a cute round type with a little odeco.

Although it has no lining, the upper is thick and firm, and the supple and soft oil leather gradually becomes familiar to the foot and becomes comfortable to wear. Nume leather on the sides and heels replaces the core and is strong.

Considering the ideal way of production and consumption, we are a little away from mass production and mass consumption, and we manufacture only what we need, so we carefully manufacture each pair after receiving an order. Will be.

In addition, the manufacturing method is simple, assuming that it will be repaired, so you can wear it for a long time with aftercare.
All of them are manufactured in our shop, so we can repair them.

* At the actual store, fitting shoes are available.
We make full-order foot measurements, and combine leather and side rubber as you like, so if you can come to the store, please come to the store.

[About product returns]
This item is made to order. (Delivery time is about one to one and a half months)
At the store, you can order a combination of your favorite leather and materials.
As this is a made-to-order product, we cannot change the size, return or exchange it.
However, the following cases are excluded.
・ If there is damage due to an accident during delivery ・ If a product different from your order arrives ・ If there is a defect in the product In the above cases, please let us know by email or phone within 7 days after the product arrives. .. (After returning by cash on delivery, we will exchange or refund.)
The color and texture of the product may differ from the actual product depending on the monitor environment, OS, and browser version you are viewing.
-Since natural leather is used, there may be some scratches, wrinkles, and dirt from the beginning.
Detailed specifications are subject to change without notice.
In order to reduce sales costs and consider the environment, we will ship in simple packaging without using boxes. note that.


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