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Antico Ciabattino

Shoehorn stand

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◇ The old bespoke shoe wooden pattern that has been used for decades has been remade into a shoehorn stand.

The old wooden pattern is not found in the current resin wooden pattern, and it has an antique feel that is unreasonably good to throw away, so I thought it would be nice to use it in a different form and gave it a new life.

I put paper on it and varnished it, but since it was actually used for making custom shoes, the traces of nails are the same, so I hope you can understand that point as a design and individuality.

I think it would be good to use it as a display in a store or room.

There are two outlets, so it doesn't matter which one you plug in.
* Shoehorns that are too heavy or too large may tilt or not fit. I think that it is almost okay if it is a normal size.

Shape: Stock Round toe (right foot)

Size: Approximately 28 cm in length Width: 11 cm (* Varies depending on the wooden pattern)

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