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Antico Ciabattino

Shoemaker's hand-sewn cowhide setta "Nagono setta" (spacer pattern)

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◇ Hand-sewn cowhide setta sandals proposed by shoemakers at the custom-made shoe store "Antico Ciabattino" in the Entonji shopping district in Nagoya.


This area has long been called Nagono or Nagoya, and is located almost in the middle of Nagoya Station and Nagoya Castle. "Endoji Shotengai" is said to be one of the oldest shopping streets in Nagoya. Shikemichi, which is designated as a townscape preservation district, is also a historical town that retains the remnants of Edo.

The setta made in Nagono is "Nagono Setta".

We make footwear that combines shoe-making technology and traditional Japanese sandals technology with the hope that we can contribute to the revitalization of the city as much as possible.

Setta is a traditional shoe that is mainly used for kimono, and is positioned between clogs and sandals, and is often used for everyday use because of its ease of use.

The main features of Nagono Setta are ...

-Originally, the hanao is in the center, and when you put it on, your little finger comes out, but we arranged it and put it closer to the thumb side.

-VIBRAM 8316 sole is used for the outsole to achieve abrasion resistance and slip resistance.
Flexible and easy to walk ◎

-Uses a foot-friendly fabric that does not easily shift the thong, and has a low-resilience cushion inside the insole, making it more comfortable to wear than conventional leather-soled setta.

・ At the store, you can make your own custom-made setta by choosing your favorite thong or leather.


S (approx. 22-23 cm) (foot length 231 mm, foot width 93 mm)
M (approx. 23.5 to 24.5 cm) (foot length 241 mm, foot width 95 mm )
L (approx. 25-25.5 cm) (foot length 252 mm, foot width 98 mm )
LL (approx. 26-26.5 cm) (foot length 262 mm, foot width 100 mm )
XL (approx. 27-27.5 cm) (foot length 272 mm, foot width 103 mm )
XXL (approx. 28-28.5 cm) (foot length 282 mm, foot width 105 mm)
XXXL (approx. 29-29.5 cm) ( foot length 292 mm, foot width 108 mm)

* Setta is made small so that the heels slightly stick out so that you do not step on the hem of the yukata or kimono. Therefore, if you want to wear it without heels, we recommend one size up.


Genuine leather (cowhide, pig leather)

Sole material EVA lightweight sponge sole

One leg weight about 245 (L size)

Heel height 2.0cm

Platform height 1.5 cm

** About repairing Nagono setta and sandals **

Nagono Setta is a sustainable footwear that is designed to be easy to repair with a simple manufacturing method on the assumption that it will be worn for a long time.
Please feel free to contact us for repairs and maintenance.

[All soles]

7, 700 yen

[Heel tilt repair]

2,750 yen

[Insole replacement]

Zori 2,200 yen

Setta 2,750 yen (from S to LL) / 3,300 yen (XL to XXXL)

[Hanao exchange]

Hanao replacement wage 3,300 yen * A separate hanao fee will be charged. Free when replacing all soles.

Thong adjustment 550 yen * We will adjust it free of charge for up to 2 weeks after delivery. You will be responsible for the shipping charges for delivery.

[About product returns]

This item is made to order. (Delivery 1-2 weeks)

◆ We
cannot accept returns or exchanges of made-to-order products.
However, the following cases are excluded.
・ If there is damage due to an accident during delivery ・ If a product different from your order arrives ・ If there is a defect in the product In the above cases, please let us know by email or phone within 7 days after the product arrives. .. (After returning by cash on delivery, we will exchange or refund.)

◆ Setta and sandals will be adjusted free of charge for up to 2 weeks after arrival, but you will be responsible for the shipping cost.

The color and texture of the product may differ from the actual product depending on the monitor environment, OS, and browser version you are viewing.

◆ Because natural leather is used, there may be some scratches, wrinkles, and dirt from the beginning.

Detailed specifications are subject to change without notice.

◆ In order to reduce sales costs and consider the environment, we will ship in simple packaging except for some products.


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